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MLP as an attractive employer and partner

MLP is a knowledge-based service company in which qualified and motivated employees and self-employed client consultants form the essential basis for sustainable corporate success.

Against this background, "MLP as an attractive employer and partner" is a separate strategic field of action for our sustainability work in order to make work at and for MLP more attractive and develop it further.

Attractive partner for our self-employed client consultants

MLP client consultants act as entrepreneurs within the company and have numerous opportunities for further development - a high level of quality in the training offered is an indispensable prerequisite for this. The MLP Corporate University (german only), which is based at our headquarters in Wiesloch is the centre for the development and the performance of training for consultants, office managers and the heads of university teams.

The continuous development of the further training courses offered to our independent client advisors at our Corporate University, which is tailored to the individual training needs of the advisors with tailored, modular modules, as well as the realignment in the university segment with a clear focus on recruiting young advisors, all contribute to this.

In addition, we support the productivity of our independent client advisors through various advisory applications and through our back-office service at Group headquarters in Wiesloch.

Attractive Employer

MLP offers its employees an open and team-oriented corporate culture, which is underlined by a family-friendly personnel policy and attractive additional benefits. To this end, the Human Resources department has formulated an internal concept with personnel management fields of action derived from the existing framework conditions, such as coping with demographic challenges, continuous improvement of personnel management processes, digitalisation, employer attractiveness, etc: These are among others:

  • The targeted promotion of women in leadership
  • Support for part-time leadership
  • The targeted further development of health promotion offers
  • Greater systematisation of the parental leave process

Compatibility of career & family

  • Flexible working time models and a works agreement on mobile working
  • Childcare allowance for children up to school age
  • Parent-child office at Group headquarters to cover for last minute gaps in childcare for our employees
  • Assumption of costs for offers associated with the "Generation Guide": This provides expert advice in the fields of childcare and upbringing, as well as counselling and support in the fields of homecare and eldercare

Healthcare offers

  • Medical prevention programmes, such as flu shots, eye tests, etc.
  • Ergonomic workplaces, as well as corresponding advice
  • Support for both employees and managers, provided by B.A.D. Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
  • Prevention of and support for psychological stress and related issues
  • Company sports programmes

Further information on our sustainability aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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