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Sustainability at MLP

Sustainable development – of the economy, society and the environment – is more than ever a challenge for everyone. As a company, MLP makes its contribution to sustainable development through its strategic sustainability management: this takes into account the aspects with which we as a company can assume our social and ecological responsibility.

These aspects can be read in our sustainability report and are underlined with the objective of achieving climate neutrality by 2022.

The MLP Group is the partner for all financial matters – for private clients, companies and institutional investors. Going beyond our responsibility towards our clients, our sustainability report is testimony of our entrepreneurial and social responsibility towards all peer groups.

As part of our sustainability activities, we have identified eight key sustainability fields of action, which can be found below and in detail in our MLP Sustainability Report.

To ensure our sustainability activities have a comparable and transparent framework, we have aligned our reporting with the reporting standard of the German Sustainability Code (DNK, Deutscher Nachhaltigkeits Kodex).

Our principal fields of action

MLP as an attractive employer and partner

MLP is a knowledge-based service provider, at which qualified and motivated employees, as well as self-employed client consultants represent the fundamental basis for sustainable corporate success.



MLP already laid the foundations for the digitalisation strategy and its implementation in the Group several years ago.


Successful business model

The MLP Group is the partner for all financial matters – for private clients, companies and institutional investors. Five brands, each of which enjoys a leading position in their respective markets, are used to offer a broad range of services.


Trusting customer relationship

MLP operates in a complex and constantly changing market and competitive environment and as a dialogue partner for all financial matters needs to lastingly convince its discerning clientele.


Education & consulting quality

Maintaining consistently high-quality consulting makes an important contribution to our added value. That's why at MLP we place great emphasis on training our self-employed client consultants.



When selecting partners and products, we employ high quality standards and place great emphasis on objective and transparent criteria.


Compliance & Data protection

In addition to complying with relevant legal regulations, we have developed Group-wide compliance guidelines which define general standards of good conduct and principles for the companies in the MLP Group.


Efficient environmental & resource management

Our goal is to deal responsibly with resources.


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