Efficient environmental & resource management

Natural resources are consumed to a comparatively small amount by our business activities as a financial services provider. Nevertheless, it is our aim to use resources responsibly. In this way, we try to avoid or reduce our environmental impact - the CO2 emissions caused by us - wherever possible. To this end, we use software to determine a CO2 balance every year, on the basis of which measures to save CO2 emissions are initiated. With the aim of achieving our own climate neutrality by 2022, the MLP Group assumes its responsibility and makes its contribution to climate protection. This goes hand in hand with the goal of sustainably reducing the ecological footprint of our business activities.

Efficient environmental & resource management

Efficient environmental and resource management is anchored in our sustainability management activities at MLP. Based on our materiality analysis, it is a dedicated strategic sustainability action area and is therefore incorporated in our sustainability strategy and the corresponding internal processes with the involvement of corporate management. To keep our use of resources appropriate, as well as price and ecology conscious, our infrastructure management unit focuses on continuously improving our energy efficiency.

Further information on our sustainability aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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