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Digitalisation is having an ever greater influence on the lives of citizens and also the further development of companies.


More and more digital communication channels, such as social media platforms and web portals, are available to clients on a day-to-day basis.

Flexibility, speed, innovative capacity and optimisation of business processes are therefore becoming increasingly important factors in terms of the success of a company. The complexity of IT projects – also driven by regulation - is continually increasing as a result of this. The importance of information security, which the digital business models need to secure - in particular from cyber attacks - is therefore continuously increasing.

The "IT Mission 2022" programme was launched in the MLP Group in the current year. In a first significant step, an IT Mission 2022 was drawn up and approved. This mission is capable of meeting both current and future requirements of MLP's IT – in particular with regard to flexibility, integration capacity and agility. Suitable tools, IT services and applications are being made available to ensure an efficient performance of tasks. IT is aligned to deliver sustainable optimisation and the option to introduce new business processes. Alongside the IT Mission, MLP is also catering to the digital shift by establishing a digital culture, for which the Group already prepared the ground years ago. The digitalisation strategy and its ongoing implementation began with redesigning MLP's online presence for young people and their requirements under the heading of "MLP financify" (german only). In the course of this process, MLP established an innovation laboratory with the name "Finanz-WG" in 2014. The aim of this development was to manifest user orientation and agile work methods as elementary principles. The many successes established "Finanz-WG" as an innovation laboratory – as a hotbed for all of MLP's digital offers, an environment for cross-departmental collaboration, for living out processes of change, as well as a source of staff development and motivation. At the start of 2018, the Executive Board decided to anchor this development, which had started life under line management responsibility, as a programme throughout the Group and to establish it as a digital culture with dedicated digitalisation officers as a way of making the most of the opportunities presented in today's VUCA world (volatility‚ uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

Face-to-face consulting is always the key focus at all MLP companies. In the sense of "intelligent togetherness", we are increasingly networking these with our digital services for existing and potential customers. This approach is flanked by digital internal services for our consultants and employees. We are thereby able to create efficiency increases and process improvements in a wide range of areas. The needs of our respective internal and external clients represent the starting point for development of our digital services.

Digital offers for existing and prospective MLP clients

Web and social web – before logging in

Based on their requirements and interests, existing and prospective clients are offered useful information and dialogue opportunities, as well as online products and tools. These channels are also used to win prospects and new clients for MLP.

The offer for young people comes together under the name MLP financify.

The MLP client portal – after logging in

The MLP client portal allows everyone to experience the benefits of MLP in the digital world around the clock. All personal finance topics, such as policies, accounts and overviews of in and outgoings are available in an app. Everything is shown in an easily comprehensible structure providing the user with overall context. In addition to this, clients receive news and optimisation proposals tailored to their needs. This always takes place with a direct link to the respective personal MLP consultant, our MLP client service or indeed both – depending on the client's wishes.

Further information on our sustainability aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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