When selecting partners and products, we have high quality standards and attach great importance to objective and transparent criteria as well as a continuous, open exchange of information in order to be able to offer our customers products that are always up-to-date and meet their needs.

An analysis and quality check of the providers in the market, as well as their respective products, is performed on the basis of our clients' needs. Our product selection process is subject to continuous further development and we regularly review the providers and products/concepts in our portfolio.

Here, for example, we pay attention to the sustainability of our partners by placing the financial strength and service quality of the product partners at the centre of our assessment, especially in the case of long-term savings or hedging products.

Particularly when it comes to financial decisions, customers are attaching ever greater importance to sustainability in terms of the company's orientation or products. The sustainable orientation of a company or product can be reflected in economic, social, ethical and ecological aspects.

Further information on our sustainability aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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