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Digitalisation is having an ever greater influence on the lives of citizens and also the further development of companies.


Digitisation is having an increasingly strong impact on people's lives and the further development of companies. Flexibility, speed, innovative power and the optimization of business processes are becoming increasingly decisive for the success of a company. As a result, the complexity of IT projects - also driven by regulation - is increasing more and more. This is accompanied by a steady increase in the importance of information security, which must protect digital business models, especially against cyber attacks.

The digitalisation of all areas is also progressing within the MLP Group and will continue to play a key strategic role in the coming years. The needs of clients, consultants and employees are decisive for the development of digital services. In order to promote a digital way of working throughout the MLP Group and to successively establish a digital culture, we set up a Digital Board with a digitisation officer and a Digital Task Force in 2018, which became even more extensive in 2019.

One result of the board is the online customer support provided by MLP consultants, which was implemented in 2019. The first parts of the IT target for 2022, which was drawn up in 2018, have also already been successfully launched, including the introduction of new working methods and the establishment of a runtime environment for microservices in the public cloud.

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Further information on our sustainability aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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