MLP Annual General Meeting: Approval of all agenda items

  • New election of the Supervisory Board takes place according to schedule – shareholders vote by majority for all proposed candidates
  • Dividend of 30 cents per share approved – reliable dividend policy continued
  • Sarah Rössler elected new Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

Wiesloch, June 29, 2023 – At today's Annual General Meeting of MLP SE for the financial year 2022, the shareholders approved all items on the agenda. As part of this, the Supervisory Board was re-elected as scheduled, with the majority of shareholders voting in favour of all candidates proposed by the company. The proposed profit distribution of 30 cents per share for the past financial year, with which the MLP Group is continuing its reliable distribution policy, was also approved at the Annual General Meeting.

All agenda items and the corresponding voting results are listed below:

Item Yes votes in percent
Resolution concerning the use of unappropriated profit as per December 31, 2022 99.99
Resolution on the discharge of the Executive Board of MLP SE for the financial year 2022 99.97
Resolution on the discharge of the Supervisory Board of MLP SE for the financial year 2022 81.43
Appointment of the auditor for the financial statements and the
consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2023
Resolution on the compensation report 72.64
Electing new members to the Supervisory Board
Ms Sarah Rössler 84.54
Mr Matthias Lautenschläger 73.39
Mr Bernd Groß 73.59
Dr Andreas Freiling 84.74
Resolution on approval of a control agreement with
MLP Banking AG
Resolution on approval of the compensation system for the members of the Executive Board 72.62
Resolution on the amendment of Supervisory Board
compensation, a corresponding amendment to § 14 of the Company's articles of association and the compensation system for members of the Supervisory Board
Resolution on the amendment to § 19 of the Company's articles of association (virtual Annual General Meeting)
Addition of paragraph 7 to § 19 of the Company’s
articles of association
Addition to Company’s articles of association under
§ 18 (2) Sentence 2

The CVs of the newly elected Supervisory Board members are available on the website:

In total, more than 69 shareholders and shareholder representatives followed the Annual General Meeting online. They represented 71.89 percent of the share capital.

At the constituent meeting of the new Supervisory Board, Sarah Rössler was elected Chairwoman of the Board. She has already been a member of the MLP SE Supervisory Board since 2022 as a shareholder representative.