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Sustainability at MLP

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Sustainability at MLP

Awarded commitment to education and work, climate and the environment

Sustainability represents a commitment to sustainable development of the economy, society and the environment. MLP makes its contribution as a company through its system of strategic sustainability management. This involves remaining economically successful in the long term, while at the same time acting with ecological and social responsibility.

Uwe Schroeder-Wildberg, Vorstandsvorsitzender MLP SE im Portrait

„Sustainable actions represent a key component of our services and activities. So that, MLP takes ecological as well as social aspects into account and we attach great importance to responsible, long-term oriented corporate management.”

Dr. Uwe Schroeder-Wildberg
Chief Executive Officer at MLP SE

Sustainable development

We acknowledge the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations for a better and more sustainable future for all. The following goals are particularly relevant for us as a company – with a view to our core business.

Work and education

As a responsible employer, our task is to set the conditions for responsible conduct and for displaying mutual respect.

Education represents a key value for MLP. As a knowledge-based service provider, great emphasis is placed on both the qualification and development of our client consultants and employees. A high-quality range of training courses therefore represents an indispensable prerequisite for high-quality client consulting. A significant amount of this training is performed at our MLP Corporate University. This is flanked by the focus of our private client business on a client group with academic degrees, for whom education is also an important factor.

Gender equality

MLP benefits from the diversity of its employees, which is why we actively promote diversity and equality as a matter of course and create the necessary framework conditions for this.

Only in this way - with many talents, different backgrounds and strengths - can we benefit together in a challenging and future-oriented environment.

The core of our corporate culture is always responsible action and respectful cooperation. We implement this in an open and team-oriented corporate culture.

Environment and climate protection

Our climate protection strategy provides the framework for the MLP Group's climate protection activities.

We strive to use resources responsibly. Efficient environmental and resource management is therefore anchored in MLP's sustainability management.

MLP uses electricity from renewable energy sources throughout the Group and is therefore committed to affordable and clean energy.

Our Climate strategy

The MLP Group pursues an active climate protection strategy.

A key component of climate protection is the responsible use of resources. We therefore try to avoid or reduce the CO2 emissions* we cause wherever possible. To this end, we calculate a CO2 balance every year, on the basis of which measures to reduce CO2 emissions are initiated and continuously reflected upon.

In addition, we make an annual financial contribution to support internationally certified and therefore quality-assured climate protection projects.

* The greenhouse gas emissions of the MLP Group are recorded in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and comprise the following categories:

  • Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas emissions from sources for which our company is directly responsible or controlled.
  • Scope 2: Indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the provision of energy outside our company.
  • Scope 3: Other indirect greenhouse gas emissions caused by our business activities.

Part of MLP's climate protection strategy is the financing of climate protection projects. Here it is important to us that our financial contribution binds or removes greenhouse gas emissions (so-called carbon sequestration/removal projects) or alternatively reduces or avoids additional greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. by improving technologies (so-called reduction projects). We have also aligned our climate protection commitment with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are particularly relevant for MLP and which take into account social aspects such as local education in addition to environmental aspects.

The MLP Group currently supports the following certified climate protection projects:

1. Development of ecosystems in Ethiopia: ClimatePartner

2. Mangrove planting in Pakistan: ClimatePartner

3. Renewable energy production in Mauretania: ClimatePartner

4. Efficient cooking stoves in India: ClimatePartner

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Our climate protection projects are certified according to international standards

Our fields of action

What characterises MLP

MLP is a knowledge-based service provider, at which qualified and motivated employees, as well as self-employed client consultants represent the fundamental basis for sustainable corporate success.

The MLP Group is the partner for all financial matters – for private clients, companies and institutional investors. Five brands, each of which enjoys a leading position in its respective market, offer a broad range of services.

In addition to compliance with relevant legal provisions, we have devised Group-wide compliance guidelines which define general standards of good conduct and principles for the companies in the MLP Group.

Our climate protection strategy provides the framework for the MLP Group's climate protection activities. In order to keep our own use of resources up to date as well as cost and environmentally conscious, our Infrastructure Management department focuses on the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency.

Consultant and client business

MLP already laid the foundations for the digitalisation strategy and its implementation throughout the Group several years ago.

Maintaining consistently high quality consulting makes an important contribution to our added value. This is why we place great emphasis on training our self-employed client consultants at MLP.

When selecting partners and products, we therefore employ high quality standards and place great emphasis on objective and transparent criteria.

Particularly when reaching financial decisions, however, clients are placing ever greater emphasis on sustainability with regard to a company's alignment and its products. Sustainable alignment of a company or a product can be reflected in economic, social, ethical and ecological aspects. We already have corresponding product offerings available to our clients in the consulting fields of wealth management, provision, non-life insurance and health insurance and will continue to expand these.

As a consultancy covering all financial questions and issues, MLP operates in a complex and constantly changing market and competitive environment and must be capable of repeatedly convincing its clients of the benefits associated with its services.

Our seals and awards we have received

In order to fulfill our social responsibility, we have anchored sustainability throughout the company. It is therefore an essential part of our corporate responsibility. Building on the steps taken in recent years, sustainability has been defined as a key strategic issue within the Group. This means that sustainability is integrated into our business strategy and policy and thus flows programmatically into all parts and processes of the company.

Jutta Herrmann, Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragte MLP

Jutta Herrmann

Sustainability officer


phone: 06222/308-3694

CSR Committee

In the CSR Committee, the sustainability officers from all key companies in the MLP Group work on further development, as well as Group-wide coordination of sustainability topics at MLP.