Acquisition of the RVM Group completed as scheduled – ongoing expansion of the new industrial insurance broker segment

Wiesloch, April 1, 2021 – Within the scope of today's closing, the MLP Group completed the acquisition of the RVM Group as scheduled and thereby laid the foundation for the ongoing expansion of the new industrial insurance broker segment. In February, MLP had announced the takeover of 100 percent of the shares of the industrial insurance broker. With its long-proven business model, the RVM Group is strongly oriented towards medium-sized enterprises. Around 200 RVM employees will continue to support more than 2,500 companies and the management will also remain in its previous constellation.

“Now that closing is complete, RVM will strengthen the MLP Group as an independent brand whose medium-sized character we will continue to maintain. At the same time, we want to continue implementing our growth strategy as broker in the market for commercial and industrial insurance business with further acquisitions,” says Manfred Bauer, member of the Executive Board at MLP SE.