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Maximilian Lautenschläger new member of the Supervisory Board at MLP Finanzberatung SE

  • Son of MLP company founder appointed as member of the Supervisory Board at the largest subsidiary

Wiesloch, March 14, 2018 – Within the scope of separating the banking and brokerage business, the Supervisory Board members were appointed at MLP Finanzberatung SE and MLP Banking AG. As part of this, Maximilian Lautenschläger (30), another son of company founder Manfred Lautenschläger, joined the Group's supervisory bodies. His oldest son, Matthias Lautenschläger (37), had already been a member of the Supervisory Board at the former MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG since August 2015. As previously announced, he will stand for election to the Supervisory Board of MLP SE as the Group holding company during the next Annual General Meeting on June 14, 2018. As communicated, company founder Manfred Lautenschläger will no longer be running for a position on the Supervisory Board at this time.

With Maximilian Lautenschläger assuming a position on the Supervisory Board at MLP Finanzberatung SE and Matthias Lautenschläger standing for election to the supervisory body at the holding, the company founder's family is reaffirming its ongoing and cross-generational commitment at MLP.

The realignment of the Group structure has been in effect since the end of November 2017. Since this time, the regulated and supervised banking business has been operated by MLP Banking AG, while the brokerage business has been handled by MLP Finanzberatung SE.

The other members of the Supervisory Board at MLP Finanzberatung SE are Dr. Peter Lütke-Bornefeld (Chairman) and Burkhard Schlingermann (employee representative).

The Supervisory Board at MLP Banking AG currently still comprises Dr. Peter Lütke-Bornefeld (Chairman), Dr. Josef Zimmermann, Matthias Lautenschläger, Elke Strathmann, Alexander Beer (employee representative) and Dr. Frank Egeler (employee representative). With the Annual General Meeting of MLP Banking AG – which is currently scheduled to take place on May 8, 2018 – the committee will be reduced in numbers to be brought in line with the new company sizes. The Supervisory Board at MLP Banking AG will then also comprise three members, i. e. two shareholder representatives and one employee representative. Alongside Matthias Lautenschläger, Elke Strathmann will also leave the Supervisory Board at this time. The employees will vote for their employee representative in an election procedure.

"We are delighted that another member of the founder’s family will be represented on the Supervisory Board in the shape of Maximilian Lautenschläger," comments Dr. Peter Lütke-Bornefeld. "On behalf of the entire Board, I would also like to thank Elke Strathmann most cordially for her trusting and committed cooperation."

Maximilian Lautenschläger gained expertise in the fields of business consulting, company building, venture capital, private equity and fintech. He is co-founder and managing director at Iconiq Lab, a fintech in the field of blockchain technology and crypto currencies. It helps start-ups in the blockchain and crypto sector to obtain financing, a so-called initial coin offering (ICO), so that they can implement their innovative ideas. Maximilian Lautenschläger works as an advisor on multiple ICO projects and holds a position in the Blockchain Federal Association. Following his undergraduate degree in the fields of Controlling and Management at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, he then completed an MBA in the fields of General Management, Finance and Leadership at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.