Results for the first nine months and the third quarter 2022

On November 10, MLP will present the results for the first nine months and the third quarter 2022. Here you will find the press release, report and presentation. Via the link below you can follow the analyst conference call live at 2 p.m.

9M: On course for continued growth thanks to diversified basis

to the press release

  • At EUR 52.2 million, 9M EBIT is above the figure for the same period in the previous year (9M 2021: EUR 47.3 million), Q3 EBIT stands at EUR 8.2 million (Q3 2021: EUR 15.9 million; Q3 2020: EUR 8.1 million) under significantly less favourable economic conditions
  • Total revenue after nine months increases to EUR 674.7 million (9M 2021: EUR 632.2 million), significant upward trend in interest rate business
  • Forecast for the full year confirmed: EBIT of EUR 75 to 85 million – despite significant recessionary trends in the economy and further increasing strains on the markets
  • MLP is standing by its medium-term planning: by the end of 2025, EBIT about to reach EUR 100 to 110 million with more than EUR 1.1 billion in sales revenue

Analyst conference call, 10th November 2022, 2 p.m.

Reinhard Loose (CFO) To the webcast

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