The MLP Group – The partner for all financial matters

The MLP Group (MLP) is the partner for all financial matters – for private clients, companies and institutional investors. With our six brands, each of which enjoys a leading position in their respective markets, we offer a broad range of services:

  • MLP: The dialogue partner for all financial matters
  • FERI: The investment company for institutional investors and high net-worth individuals
  • DOMCURA: The underwriting agency, focussing on private and commercial non-life insurance products
  • TPC: The specialist in occupational pension provision management for companies
  • DEUTSCHLAND.Immobilien: Marketplace for investment properties
  • RVM: Industrial insurance broker with focus on medium-sized enterprises

The views and expectations of our clients always represent the starting point in each of these fields. Building on this, we then present our clients with suitable options in a comprehensible way so that they can make the right financial decisions themselves. For the implementation, we examine the offers of all relevant product providers in the market. Our product ratings are based on scientifically substantiated market and product analyses. Around 2,000 employees and just under 2,100 client consultants work at MLP. This includes over 150 client consultants who are certified as Certified Financial Planners (CFP) – the highest internationally recognised training standard in financial consulting. With this number, MLP occupies the top position among certificate holders in Germany.

After being founded in 1971 by Manfred Lautenschläger and Eicke Marschollek, MLP initially focused on the private client business. Securing a profound understanding of our clients represents an important part of this philosophy. Each of our just under 2,100 client consultants therefore focuses on one professional group, concentrating primarily on physicians, economists, engineers and lawyers. We support them in all financial matters – from old-age provision and wealth management, to health and non-life insurance, right through to financing, real estate brokerage and banking issues. Since 2004, the MLP Group has established an extensive portfolio for companies, institutional investors and high net-worth individuals.

We are subject to the strictest supervisory requirements, since MLP Banking AG is supervised as a financial institution by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). As an insurance broker, the MLP Finanzberatung SE, is also committed to selecting the most suitable products for our clients from the broad scope of offers available in the market. These concepts clearly set us apart from the majority of players in the market, who either only offer their own products or a very limited selection of third party products.